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We are a "ma & pa" business who pride ourselves in selling quality used equipment.  We have over 25 years experience and look far and wide for equipment that is solid and ready to work.  We were cattle ranchers at one time and  know how important it is to have good equipment on the field.  We don't sell anything we wouldn't use ourselves.  We have tractors, equipment, implements, trailers, etc..   We try to give you as accurate a description as possible.  We take trades of all kinds so our inventory often varies.  Check us weekly for a current list of inventory!   Every once in a while we will put a few personal items we have for sale on our site!! If you are interested in anything please call 214-793-3313  to discuss or make an appointment.  You can also email us if you prefer.  We do not offer financing  of any kind.  All delivery and shipping arrangements are made by the customer.  


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